Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Makeup tip and tricks for black skin

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Be sure to test the concealed, the foundation and blush before applying them to check the adjustment of the color of the products to tone your skin.

Makeup for black skin

Helpful answers here - Black women and brunettes have been the target of new looks. Observers are concerned industry and the cosmetics market.

In recent years, new products have been launched, focused on the different characteristics of each type of skin. "Nowadays there are a lot of shades to make up a black woman," says makeup artist Ale de Souza.

"Formerly there was a big problem with makeup for black skin. When wearing foundation and powder, the skin was gray, or even very black. The products were not suitable for this skin type, "continued professional.

According to the IBGE, blacks and mulattos in Brazil account for 45% of the population, approximately, making it a great market for the companies.

"Concern with this market is three, four years now. They realized they needed to look at this audience. "

"We could not meet this type of skin, but entered the market a base called Canella, darker, and also a compact, Café, for black skin. Entered just by calling the public, "explains, selling technique Payout, with reference to the latest releases of your company. Grow Taller 4 Idiots =>

Demand is also felt by Lancôme. "We have many consumers of african origin, seeking to have the glamour and color of makeup , "says Priscilla Montero, PR company.

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