Tuesday, 5 November 2013

After intensive training

With all this technical accuracy results show themselves quickly and after an average of 30 sessions, you can transform your body in a balanced setting all muscles equally.

In Brazil there are already many fans, one of them is actress Sonja Braga says: "I've done a lot of gymnastics in my life, but none changed my body so deeply and quickly."

Cellulite Reduction Program - Besides gadgets (seem wooden beds with springs and straps Leather replacing the weights) Pilate’s classes can be made ​​out of it.

Classes are almost always individual and cost in Brazil around R $ 60.00 to R $ 80.00 per hour.

The method in Brazil

According to the journal EF Confer year III No. 11 - March 2004, the Pilates method was introduced in Brazil by the Physical Education Professional Inlaid Garcia, who is certified in the United States, with the Roman, a former student of Joseph Pilates.

Later and her daughter Sari the "Masters Teachers" of Pilates, gave the first training course in Brazil.


Called "The Cadillac"

Later, after intensive training and interviews, Prof.. Roman authorized Garcia to open a certification center that began operations in 1999, conducting courses that were only available in the United States. Check Benefits Here

This is certainly the word that best describes this grand concept of health and happiness.

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