Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Kinds of ways to blush

Tips for applying blush and color to use

Learn how to apply blush and color to use

Blush or Rouge is a makeup product whose function is to give depth to the color or the cheekbones.

Helpful answers here - There are several kinds of ways to blush. The most common are presented in powder form.

The cosmetic industry, however, since the product has versions cream, stick, mousse and the same liquid.

The liquid is usually found only in pink tones and has the function of blushing cheeks, giving a healthy look. Today there are several options on the market, but blushes liquid, cream or mineral particles are the best.

However, to fulfill its function "beautify" it is necessary to make proper use of brushes, eyeliners, foundations, and related corrective.

Makeup The course teaches you to recognize your skin type and take care of it, the function of each of the objects that help make a good, shows the various types of products and their textures and teaches tips and tricks for a perfect makeup.

Lipstick, mascara and pencil handy!

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