Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Important to note about skin tone

It's also important to note that the skin tone tends to red or yellow, so that the base chosen follow the same coloring. Escape and post bases or very light beige.

"If you want a very light makeup yourself, you can use a yellow powder and transparent, but not beige!" Warns makeup artist.

Skin Type

Cellulite Reduction Program - If your skin is dry, use a little powder is better because it dries out. "To apply makeup on dry skin you can spend a moisturizer or foundation and then a minimum of dust, "explained Fernando.

Women with oily skin should avoid creamy products such as base stick. Fernando recommends using soap before passing the base. Use only powder can be an alternative.

"There are brands that manufacture base without oil; it is worth researching to find one."

 Tip: Apply base or dust from the center of the face towards the ends. If you want, you can spend a little of these products in the neck or cervix.


If your eyebrow is flawed, it is safest to use black pencil to correct. "Avoid wearing gray, brown or brown because they give definition. For the black line is not too strong, you can smudge the product at the root of the hair or use a black shadow instead of pencil," said Fernando. Check Benefits Here => http://www.healthprocon.com/truth-about-cellulite/


Colors friends

Who does not like to risk can use the traditional golden-bronze-copper coloring the eyelids, but the alternatives are not there.

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