Saturday, 1 February 2014

Weight-Loss Is Irreversible Behavior Before Changing Your Diet

Often we follow the diets of many to certain periods and short we were able through the loss of many kilo grams of our weight, but was soon back weight again, because of the lack of continuity on the same program is used, perhaps because of difficulty or lack of appropriateness with everyday situations and life.

Josh Marvin Scam - Therefore, we recommend following what is permanent and not temporary in order to modify the behavioral habits daily, and avoid repeating the mistakes that, and so we can reach the goal and maintain success.

And thus become know methods of behavioral need to configure the new thinking in the relationship between eating and body, and this is done by changing concepts and identify promoting behaviors for obesity, in order to convert them gradually and forever, and not for a limited time program, it is a requirement in order to be possible to lose weight without irreversible , and thus the successful weight loss and can only be sustained through the process of behavior change and not just the system and the quality of the food, as they are not time-bound program.

Thus, the assumptions initial programs behavioral therapy for weight loss are summarized in the possibility of changing the weight of the body, by changing eating habits, lifestyle and dates of the food and how to deal with food and sleep schedules and monitor self and evaluation, and these habits by understanding behavioral is the behavior of an educated and are subject to change, albeit You need to change the long-term changes in the environment that the person who want to change habits, while Recent studies show that the results of traditional programs diets to lose weight does not exceed its successful long-term 3% or less at the level of the world, studies have shown many other programs behavioral weight loss can make a shortage equivalent to 50% of the weight the initial period of between 4 months and the full year, albeit maintaining the new weight needs to be continuing the relationship with the dietitian and continued commitment behaviors educated, with no return to the eating habits and mistakes followed out of date.

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