Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Reaction of the organism

Body in a variety of toxins reacts differently. Some identify and take action against them, so that they refer to the appropriate body detox , others cannot exclude, therefore "until further notice" stored in fat, kidneys, nervous system, joints... that does not accumulate in the blood, which could cause severe poisoning. Immune system not only serves to overcome the disease, but also deals with toxic substances.

If our body is overloaded with toxins, the immune system does not have the energy and resources to fighting the infection. Therefore, it often happens that a packet of paper handkerchiefs in my purse settle for several weeks. Increase of allergies caused by malfunction of the immune system.

Greater burden of toxins also occur when insufficient functioning of the detoxifying organs (liver, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, intestines, skin, respiratory tract). The cause may be a chronic condition, but many times you can play in promoting excretion of toxins to help them. Josh Marvin Pearly Penile Papules

- If we every day to drink enough water, will be encouraged to functioning of the kidneys.

- Let us plenty of movement to spot - toxins are excreted through sweat and breath.

- Let's visit a sauna and plentiful spot.

- Eat healthy, organic food, without industrial additives (flavors, flavor enhancers, colorings, preservatives ...) and thus minimize body.

- We take care of digestion. At the closure of the poisons from the digested food should be eliminated, re-absorbed into the bloodstream and travel to the liver to be reprocessed and sent out of the body. Excessive amount of toxins in the blood causes you to feel weak, listless, sleepy...

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