Saturday, 1 February 2014

Watercress, Carrots And Celery To Get Rid Of 2 kg Of Excess Weight

Recent studies confirm, that the phenomenon of fluid retention in the body generally affects women more than men, and cause an increase in fake weight, caused by malnutrition and eat more salt and sodium.

In this regard, shows researchers in the "World Health Organization" that the body gets sluggish, bloating and narrow when it maintains a surplus of fluids, especially around the waist, abdomen, hips and arms.

Note that the rate of fluid retention in the body greatly increases among women during the days prior to the occurrence of menopause as a result of occurrence of some hormonal changes that cause a rise in the level of sodium in it.

How do you lose 3 kg of weight in a week?

The alternative treatment this recipe to get rid of the question is stored in the body and juice potassium French help to generate fluid and this recipe diuretic and anti-water retention in the body, in addition to the rich elements of food cleans the body of toxins and frees him from the remnants of metabolism.


- 100 grams of fresh watercress

- 3 large beads of boiled carrots and cut into cubes

- 25 grams of celery, cleaned and chopped

- 50 grams of parsley

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